A Bouquet of Wormy Brains for a Friend

The girl seems to be offering the brain to the monster as a kind of meal, her expression a mix of curiosity and hesitance. We imagine the monster eagerly reaching out its tentacles, its eyes alight with anticipation. It’s clear that the two have a relationship of some sort; the monster shows no signs of aggression, and the girl looks relaxed and trusting in this brief moment of companionship. Despite their differences, the girl and the monster seem to understand each other.

Is she feeding the monster out of kindness? Was she moved by it’s lonely look, when she stumbled across the creature in the field? Where did she acquire this wriggling meal? What is it?

The artist’s image raises more questions than answers.

One thing we can say for sure, is that it makes a great Pet Bandana. The Desk Mat, and Laptop Skin look pretty sweet too.

Our collection of throw pillows and other items is getting pretty big. We’re going to need another couch.

Pet Bandana

Desk Mat

Laptop Skin