Dies Cthulhu Ad Oppidum Venit

The discovery of this amazing mosaic was a truly remarkable find. It was uncovered in the entryway to one of the few surviving temples dedicated to Mors, the god of death. The thousands of tiles were intricately laid out to form a picture of the mythical creature Cthulhu. Beneath it was the phrase, “Dies Cthulhu Ad Oppidum Venit”, which translates to “the day Cthulhu came to town”.

It is not only remarkable in its artistic value, but also in its historical significance. It is the earliest known depiction of Cthulu, predating H.P. Lovecraft’s works by over one thousand years. This find was further proof of the importance of Ctulhu in ancient cultures, and it was a reminder of the mysterious power of the gods in everyday life. This find offered new insight into the lives of ancient Romans, and it provided a glimpse into the past that was never before seen.

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