1942 Haltlu War Poster

Youl.s Tui Jus Cuut

These famous words remind us of the dangers and difficulties so many faced during WWII.

War-torn refugees, having fled their homes in search of safety, would have been desperate to find a place of refuge. At first they would have been filled with hope upon seeing a sign, but upon closer inspection, they would have seen the stark warning and been filled with fear. All would know that whatever lies ahead would be far worse than starvation. They would have been forced to make the difficult decision to go against the sign and continue their journey in search of safety, or to turn back and risk starvation. Either way, the refugees’ fate was uncertain.

We’ve attempted to faithfully reproduce this iconic poster, so that you can remember this historical time, with a comemorative art print, a snuggly comforter, or one of our many other products.