Life On The Docks

Samantha and Willy lived in a small, cramped area that was barely enough to stretch their legs. The only protection they had was the darkness of night. The docks were not a safe place. They had to scavenge for food, and were always on the lookout for danger. Dark figures lurked in the shadows and the sound of the sea’s waves filled the air with a sense of uncertainty.

Every day, the two would huddle together for warmth and protection, before sneaking out again at night. Samantha would tell Willy stories of a better life, of a world far away from the docks. Willy listened intently, his large eyes full of hope.

The days were long and hard, but Samantha never gave up. She knew that one day they would find a place of safety. And until then, she would make sure that Willy was safe and happy, no matter what.

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