Revu Profunde

The night was peaceful, and the stars and the moon shone brightly in the sky. The child lay dreaming beneath them, their head resting contentedly on the lush grass as it swayed softly in the night breeze. The rush and whisper of the wind providing a comforting embrace as the dreamer was lost in their own imagination.

Their thoughts were filled with adventure, and imaginings of far-off places. As their dreamer’s thoughts began to drift back to reality, they noticed a few words written beneath the image of them dreaming under the stars. “Dormetu ofte. Revu profunde. Vivu bone.”

The dreamer smiled, understanding the words of wisdom. They felt empowered in that moment, realizing that even the smallest of dreams were worth pursuing. They closed their eyes and drifted off once again to a place of peace and freedom, dreaming of a better tomorrow.

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