Siule Wi Suf Miie

Hey there! You’ve found our awesome shirt with the stylized illustration of mountains and pine trees. But you might be wondering what the text above it means.

Well, truth is, we don’t know! We’ve been trying to figure it out, but it’s a total mystery to us. We just thought it looked cool so we put it on the shirt. We think it’s the perfect opportunity for you to come up with your own creative explanation of what it means.

Maybe you could tell people it’s a secret code that only a few people know the meaning of? Or maybe it’s a phrase in an ancient language? With this shirt, you can come up with whatever explanation you want and start your own conversation starter!

For maximum personal entertainment we recommend going with the Laptop Skin. We think this well be best if you like working in coffee shops. Alternately the Coasters (Set of 4) will be great for confusing, entertaining, or bewildering your guests. If you just like the image and don’t want to see the text, go for the Mini Skirt. There are, of course, many more things with this confusing text.

Mini Skirt

Laptop Skin

Coasters (Set of 4)