The All Seeing Eye Has Come For Us!

The All Seeing Eye has come to the world with a singular purpose: to bring an end to all life on the planet. It has come from the depths of space, an interdimensional being of immense power and cruelty that seeks only to bring destruction and despair. It is a being of unimaginable power that has been drawn to our world by the negative energy emitted by mankind’s countless wars, hatred, and suffering.

The All Seeing Eye seeks to extinguish all life on the planet in a single, cataclysmic event. It desires nothing more than to wipe out every living thing and leave the planet a lifeless husk. To achieve this, it is gathering up the negative energy created by humanity’s actions and converting it into a massive, destructive force that will be unleashed upon the world when it reaches a certain threshold. It will be a force so powerful that nothing can survive it.

The All Seeing Eye will not be satisfied until it has completely annihilated all life on the planet, leaving behind only death and destruction in its wake. We can only hope that we can find a way to stop it before it is too late.

Maybe, if we pray hard enough with our almighty dollars…. Maybe if we buy a Fitted 3-Layer mask, a Bucket Hat, a Classic T-Shirt, a Mini Skirt, or literally anything else we might be spared!

Fitted 3-Layer

Bucket Hat

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