The Forgotten Change

The shopkeeper stands outside the convenience store in the rain, watching a figure hurry down the street. The stranger’s face is hidden beneath the hood of their coat, but the shopkeeper can see their hands in the pocket of their coat, grasping something.

The shopkeeper takes a few steps forward, calling out, “Sir! You forgot your change!” The stranger stops in their tracks and turns to face the shopkeeper. The rain is coming down harder now, but neither of them seem to notice it. The shopkeeper holds out the coins in his hand, a handful of pennies that the stranger had forgotten.

The stranger looks at the coins, then up at the shopkeeper. They don’t say anything, but the shopkeeper can see that they understand. The stranger takes a few steps closer and reaches out to take the coins. They thank the shopkeeper with a nod and a faint smile, then continues on their way down the street.

The shopkeeper watches them go with a smile on his face, grateful to have been able to help. He knows that even a few pennies can be precious in the cyberpunk future.

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