The Happiest Astronaut

Sam’s delivery was always filled with joy and cheer. With each hop they made, they would take the time to look up and admire the beauty of the moon and all of its craters. They would always be sure to bring a bouquet of flowers in hand, and the sight of their colorful petals were enough to make anyone smile.

Sam would always greet you with a big smile and a warm hug. They were always so excited to be there, and it was infectious. Everyone in their presence would be filled with a sense of glee and joy. They would often talk about their adventures in space, and all the cool things they had seen, and everyone would be captivated by their stories.

Sam was always a bright ray of sunshine, and their presence was always a welcome one. They brought so much happiness to those around them, and people would often come away from their encounters feeling uplifted and energized. Sam was a true delight, and they will always be remembered for their happy delivery.

The other astronauts would place the flowers by their Desk Mat, while wearing the traditional Bucket Hat, and Classic T-Shirt, and Fitted 3-Layer of the off-duty Earth-bound personnel, while surreptitiously checking their clock and other housewares.

Desk Mat

Bucket Hat

Classic T-Shirt

Fitted 3-Layer