The Missing Ferret

Camdon carefully navigates the dark and winding corridors of the abandoned city. Orange neon light from cracked and broken screens cast a faint glow on the walls and floors. He is searching for his beloved pet ferret. The light gives the corridor an alternate feeling of both menace and comfort.

Camdon passes the occasional derelict cyborg, scattered with the remains of robotic parts and wires. He keeps his head down and continues on his search. He takes a few wrong turns before finding the right route, but eventually he finds himself in a large and open area.

The orange neon light is almost overwhelming here and Camdon is nearly blinded. He squints and looks around, hopeful that he will find his beloved ferret. He eventually finds a small, white shape huddling in the corner, and his heart leaps. He rushes over and scoops up his pet ferret, hugging him tightly and laughing with joy. He has found his pet and can now return home.

Search for your Ferret with an iPhone Tough Case, or case for many other phones. When you find them, place them on a squishy Throw Pillow.

iPhone Tough Case

Throw Pillow